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XMLValidator4UE is a XML file validator that works as an extension
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XMLValidator4UE is an extension to the text editor UltraEdit 32. The program validates XML files for well-formedness and checks them against DTD and XSD schemas. The tool reports found errors in an Output Window, and the user can jump directly to the concerned position to correct the found error or warning.

The program can run as an add-on tool in UltraEdit32 or as a standalone script using the console. It is a normal console application, which can be started from the command line. It only needs a fully qualified filename of an XML file.

With UltraEdit32 already installed, XMLValidator4UE will be registered automatically as a tool to UltraEdit32. UltraEdit has a maximum of 24 slots available for add-on tools. If all slots are being used already, the user needs to uninstall another tool first. Manual registration is possible with the entry on the startup menu 'Register to UltraEdit32'.

With UltraEdit32 open, select the XML file to validate using the 'open file' command. Open the Advanced Menu and select XMLValidator4UE in the tools section. Click 'to start validation' and look for found errors and warnings in the Output Window.

Saskia van der Elst
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  • It is a lightweight application
  • It can be used independently of UltraEdit32


  • To use the program with a graphical user interface, purchasing UltraEdit32 is necessary
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